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Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy
Website Privacy Policy
During your visit to this website and your use of the services we offer through this website, the use and protection of the information we obtain about you and the services you request is subject to the terms set out in this "Privacy Policy". By visiting this website and requesting to benefit from the services we offer through this site, you agree to the terms set out in this "Privacy Policy".
I. Purpose of the personal data protection and processing policy
Until today, the data from our customers or prospective customers have been kept confidential and have never been shared with third parties due to the sensitivity of the work we have been dealing with as DLY TURİZM OTO KİRALAMA SANAYİ VE TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ. Protection of personal data is the basic policy of our company. Even before any legal regulation, the company and our subsidiaries attached great importance to the confidentiality of personal data and adopted this as a working principle and instructed their employees to work in line with this principle. As "DLY VIP", we undertake to comply with all the responsibilities imposed by the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. The principles of our companies regarding the protection of personal data also cover our subsidiaries.
II. Scope and amendment of the personal data protection and processing policy
This Policy prepared by our Company has been prepared in accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data ("KVKK"). The Law has entered into force with all its provisions as of today. The data obtained from you with your consent or due to other legal compliance listed in the Law will be used for the purpose of improving the quality of the services we offer, improving the services offered to you and our quality policy. Again, some of the data we have are de-personalised and anonymised. These data are used for statistical purposes and are not subject to the application of the Law and our Policy.
''DLY VIP Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy'' aims to protect the automatically obtained data of our customers, prospective customers, employees and customers and employees of companies working in solution partnership with us or other persons and includes the regulations regarding them.  Our Company has the right to change our Policy and Regulation - provided that it complies with the Law and better protects personal data.
III. Basic rules regarding the processing of personal data
a) Compliance with the law and good faith: "DLY VIP" questions the source of the data it collects or receives from other companies and attaches importance to obtaining them in accordance with the law and good faith. Within this framework, "DLY VIP" makes necessary warnings and notifications to third parties (agencies and other intermediary institutions) that sell the services offered by "DLY VIP" in order to protect personal data.
b) Being accurate and up-to-date when necessary: "DLY VIP" attaches importance to ensuring that all data held within the organisation are accurate, do not contain false information and finally, if there are changes in personal data, to update them as soon as they are communicated to it.
c) Processing for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes: "DLY VIP" processes data limited to the purposes it provides and for which it obtains the consent of the persons during the service. It does not process, use or have data used for purposes other than business purposes.
d) Being relevant, limited and proportionate to the purpose for which they are processed: "DLY VIP" only uses the data limited to the purpose for which they are processed and to the extent required by the service.
e) Being retained for the period stipulated in the relevant legislation or for the period required for the purpose for which they are processed: "DLY VIP" retains the data arising from the contracts for the duration of the dispute periods of the Law and the requirements of commercial and tax law. However, it deletes or anonymises the data when these purposes cease to exist.
It is important to note that whether "DLY VIP" collects or processes data with consent or in accordance with the law, these principles listed above still apply.
Deletion of personal data
When the periods required to be kept by law expire, judicial processes are completed or other requirements are eliminated, personal data are deleted, destroyed or anonymised by our company automatically or upon the request of the person concerned.
Accuracy and data timeliness
As a rule, the data held by "DLY VIP" is processed in the manner declared by the data subjects upon their declaration. "DLY VIP" is not obliged to investigate the accuracy of the data declared by customers or persons who come into contact with "DLY VIP", nor is this required by law or our business principles. The declared data is considered correct. The principle of accuracy and currency of personal data has also been adopted by "DLY VIP". Our company updates the personal data it has processed upon the request of the relevant person or the official documents received by our company. It takes the necessary measures for this.
Confidentiality and data security
Personal data is confidential and "DLY VIP" respects this confidentiality. Personal data can only be accessed by authorised persons within the company. All necessary technical and administrative measures are taken to protect the personal data collected by "DLY VIP" and to prevent unauthorised access and to prevent our customers and prospective customers from becoming victims. Within this framework, it is ensured that the software complies with the standards, third parties are carefully selected and the data protection policy is complied with within the company.
IV. Data processing purposes
The collection and processing of personal data by "DLY VIP" will be carried out in line with the purposes specified in the clarification text. The data is collected and processed for the purpose of establishing the contract and providing better service to the customers.
V. Customer, prospective customer and business and solution partners data
As "DLY VIP", we process your personal data in the capacity of data controller within the scope of the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and other relevant legislation. The categories and descriptions of personal data to be processed in this context are as follows:
- Identity Information: Name-surname, name-surname of the accompanying guest(s), nationality, place and date of birth; Turkish ID, driving licence and passport numbers (including date and place of issue).
- Contact details: Address, telephone number, e-mail address.
- Financial Information: Mobile billing information, bank account information, payment card number and other payment information, Loyalty Programme memberships, information on purchased products or services.
Collection and processing of data for contractual relationship
If a contractual relationship has been established with our customers and prospective customers, the personal data collected may be used without the consent of the customer. However, this use is realised in line with the purpose of the contract. The data are used for the better execution of the contract and the requirements of the service and are updated by contacting the customers when necessary. On the other hand, the data left to us by our prospective customers (prospective customers) are processed in order to provide them with easier and higher quality service afterwards. These data are deleted upon their request if they have not turned into a contractual relationship.
Business and Solution Partners Data
"DLY VIP" adopts the principle of acting in accordance with the law when sharing data with both business and solution partners. Data is shared with business and solution partners with a commitment to data confidentiality and only as much data as required by the service and these parties are obliged to take measures to ensure data security
E-invoice & E Archive Invoice
Within the scope of this programme, the customer is automatically registered in the system and invoices are sent via the e-mail address provided by the customer. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the e-mail address provided at check-in or updated by applying afterwards is correct and the preferred e-mail address for this communication. If a reservation is made for another family member or persons using this e-mail address, the e-invoice of the relevant invoice is sent to the e-mail owner's address.
E Archive Invoice is the application that allows the invoice, which is obliged to be issued, kept and submitted in paper form in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law, to be issued electronically in accordance with the conditions specified in the General Communiqué of the Tax Procedure Law No. 433 and the second copy to be kept and submitted electronically. e-Archive Invoice All invoices other than invoices created for taxpayers registered in the e-Invoice Application are called e-Archive Invoice.
Regulation of E-Commerce. In accordance with the Law and the Regulation on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages. In accordance with the Regulation, electronic messages for advertising purposes can only be sent to persons for whom prior consent has been obtained. The consent of the person to whom the advertisement will be sent must be explicitly available. "DLY VIP" complies with the details of the "consent" determined in accordance with the same legislation. The consent to be obtained must cover all commercial electronic messages sent to the electronic communication addresses of the recipients in order to promote and market your company's goods and services, to promote its business or to increase its recognition with content such as celebrations and wishes. This consent can be obtained in writing in physical environment or by any means of electronic communication. The important thing is that the recipient has a positive declaration of will, name and surname and electronic communication address that the recipient agrees to receive commercial electronic messages.
Data transactions made due to the legal obligation of the company or explicitly stipulated in the law
Personal data may be processed without further consent if the processing is explicitly stated in the relevant legislation or in order to fulfil a legal obligation determined by the legislation. The type and scope of data processing must be necessary for the legally authorised data processing activity and must comply with the relevant legal provisions.
Data processed by automated systems
"DLY VIP" acts in accordance with the Law regarding data processed through automated systems. The information obtained from these data cannot be used against the person without the explicit consent of the person. However, "DLY VIP" may make decisions about the persons it will process by using the data in its own system.
User information and internet
"In the event that personal data is collected, processed and used on DLY VIP's websites and other systems or applications, the persons concerned are informed about the privacy statement and, if necessary, about cookies. Persons are informed about our applications on the web pages. Personal data will be processed in accordance with the law.
When you visit our web page, we bring the following information to your attention regarding the cookies we use / will use on our page.
Data processed by automatic systems
The data processed in relation to employees by automated systems may be used in internal promotions and performance evaluations. Our employees have the right to object to the result that goes against them and they do so in accordance with internal procedures. The objections of the employees are also evaluated within the company.
Google (analytics, doubleclick)
Purpose of Use of Cookies: Measurement Advertising Site improvement
Cookie Type: Functional and analytical cookies Commercial cookies
Purpose of Use of Cookies: Advertising 
Cookie Type: Commercial cookies
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3rd party companies (criteo, rtbhouse)
Purpose of Use of Cookies: Advertising
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Functional and Analytical
Cookies contain data about remembering your preferences, using the website effectively, optimising the site to respond to user requests and how visitors use the site. Due to their nature, this type of cookies may contain your personal information such as username etc.
Third Party Cookies
DLY TURİZM OTO KİRALAMA SANAYİ VE TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ (https://www.dlyviptransfer.com) websites / mobile applications / mobile websites work with third party reliable, well-known advertising providers. Third party service providers place their own cookies in order to offer you special adverts. Cookies placed by the third party collect and process visitors' browsing information on websites and analyse how they use them.
Commercial cookies
It serves to increase your usage experience by presenting products/content similar to the ones you have targeted in line with your interests and choices and by offering a more advanced, personalised advertising portfolio. The above-mentioned session, persistent, functional and analytical and commercial cookies are kept in the background for approximately 2 (two) months and the necessary adjustments can be made in the individual internet browser settings. The removal process from these settings may vary depending on the internet browser.
How can I delete cookies?
Many internet browsers are set to automatically accept and use cookies from the first installation on your computer. You can use your internet browser's help or settings menus to block cookies or to be alerted when cookies are sent to your device. You can use the instruction or help options screen of your browser to learn different ways to manage cookies and to get detailed information about how to adjust the settings of the browser you use.
VI. Data of our employees
Data processing for the labour relationship
The personal data of our employees may be processed without consent to the extent necessary for labour relations and health insurance. However, "DLY VIP" ensures the confidentiality and protection of the data of its employees.
Data is obtained from Kariyer.net system for job applications and candidate recruitment and human resources management and the data is recorded in the system within the scope of the candidate evaluation process.
Processing Pursuant to Legal Obligations
"DLY VIP" may process the personal data of its employees without further consent, provided that the processing is expressly provided for in the relevant legislation or in order to fulfil a legal obligation determined by the legislation. This is limited to the obligations arising from the law.
Processing for the Benefit of Employees
"DLY VIP" may process personal data without obtaining consent for transactions in the interest of company employees, such as private health insurances. "Hotel Transfers Antalya" may also process the data of employees for disputes arising from labour relations.
Processing of special categories of data
According to the Law, data relating to race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, appearance and dress, membership to associations, foundations or trade unions, health, sexual life, criminal convictions and security measures, and biometric and genetic data are sensitive personal data. "DLY VIP" also takes adequate measures determined by the Board in addition to the consent of the person concerned in the processing of sensitive personal data. Special categories of personal data may be processed without the consent of the person concerned, but only in relation to and limited to the cases permitted by the Law. In order for our employees to benefit from insurance and health services, the qualified data obtained from them are used only for the purpose.
Telecommunications and internet
The computer, telephone, e-mail and other applications allocated to employees within the company are allocated to the employee for business purposes only. The employee cannot use any of these tools allocated by the company for private purposes and communication. The Company may control and audit all data on these tools. The employee undertakes that he/she will not keep any data or information other than work on the computer, phones or other tools allocated to him/her from the moment he/she starts work.
VII. Transfer of personal data domestically and internationally
"DLY VIP" may transfer personal data to the following persons and organisations for specific purposes; 
" Business partners of "DLY VIP" limited to the purpose of ensuring the fulfilment of the purposes for which the business partnership was established, 
" To the suppliers of "DLY VIP" for the limited purpose of providing our Company with the services that our Company outsources from the supplier and that are necessary to fulfil our Company's commercial activities, 
" To the solution partners of "DLY VIP" limited to ensuring the execution of our Company's commercial activities that require the participation of affiliates,
"DLY VIP" is authorised to transfer personal data domestically and internationally within the conditions determined by the Board in accordance with the other conditions in the Law and subject to the consent of the person.
VIII. Rights of the data subject
"DLY VIP" recognises that under the Law the data subject has the right to obtain his/her consent before the data is processed and the right to determine the fate of his/her data after the data is processed.
In relation to personal data by applying to our contact person announced by "DLY VIP" on our website; 
a) To learn whether their personal data is being processed or not, 
b) Request information if personal data has been processed, 
c) To learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with their purpose, 
ç) To know the third parties to whom personal data are transferred domestically or abroad, 
d) To request correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing, 
e) To request the deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7, 
f) To request notification of the transactions made pursuant to subparagraphs (d) and (e) to third parties to whom personal data are transferred, 
g) To object to the emergence of a result to the detriment of the person himself/herself by analysing the processed data exclusively through automated systems, 
ğ) In the event that personal data is damaged due to unlawful processing of personal data, it has the right to demand compensation for the damage. 
However, individuals do not have any rights in relation to anonymised data within the Company. "DLY VIP" may share personal data with the relevant institutions and organisations in accordance with the business and contractual relationship, in order for a judicial duty or state authority to exercise its legal powers.
Personal data owners may submit their requests regarding the above-mentioned rights by filling out the application form on the Company's official website https://www.dlyviptransfer.com/tr/iletisim completely and signing it with a wet signature and sending it to the contact address specified below, by registered letter with return receipt requested and by sending it with a copy of their identity card (for identity card, only the photocopy of the front side). Your applications will be answered as soon as possible depending on the content of your application or within 30 days at the latest after it is received by our company. You must send your applications by registered letter with return receipt. In addition, only the part of your applications related to you will be answered, and an application made about your spouse, relative or friend will not be accepted.  "DLY VIP" may request other relevant information and documents from applicants.
IX. Confidentiality Policy
The data of employees and other persons in "DLY VIP" are confidential. No one may use, copy, duplicate, reproduce, transfer, or otherwise use this data for any other purpose other than in accordance with the contract or the law.
X. Transaction security
All necessary technical and administrative measures are taken to protect the personal data collected by "DLY VIP" and to prevent unauthorised access and to prevent our customers and prospective customers from becoming victims. Within this framework, it is ensured that the software complies with the standards, third parties are carefully selected and the data protection policy is complied with within the company. Security measures are constantly renewed and improved.
XI. Audit
"DLY VIP" carries out the necessary internal and external audits on the protection of personal data.
XII. Notification of Violations
"DLY VIP" shall take immediate action to remedy any breach of personal data when notified of such breach. It minimises the damage to the data subject and compensates the damage. In case personal data is seized by unauthorised persons from outside, it immediately notifies the Personal Data Protection Board.
Regarding the requests made pursuant to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data
All applications will be processed by filling out the form on the page and sending it to the address on the form by registered letter with return receipt by attaching a photocopy of identity card, as announced on https://www.dlyviptransfer.com/tr/kvkk-ayd%C4%B1nlatma-metni.
The rights regarding personal data can only be used for the data belonging to the individuals themselves. Requests regarding the data of persons other than the person who filled out the form and attached a photocopy of his/her identity card will not be taken into consideration. Forms without a photocopy of identity card will not be taken into consideration. Even when data deletion requests are fulfilled, we inform you that we are obliged to share the data with the official authorities if requested by the official authorities.
Changes to the Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy:
"DLY VIP" reserves the right to make changes to the statements herein. If a material change is made to the statement, a link to the current statement will be added to the home page of the website. Guests who have registered for any of our products or services may be informed about this via the communication channel provided to the properties. The last time the statement was updated and the update number are indicated at the end of this text.
Any changes to the statement will be effective upon posting of the amended statement on the site. Your use of the site and any of our products and services following any such changes indicates your acceptance of the then-current amended statement.
Contact Us
You can contact us using our contact information for your questions about the confidentiality agreement.
Pursuant to paragraph 1 of Article 13 of the KVKK, you can submit your request to exercise your rights mentioned above to our Company in writing or by other methods determined by the Personal Data Protection Board. Since the Personal Data Protection Board has not determined any method at this stage, you must submit your application in writing to https://www.dlyviptransfer.com/tr in accordance with the KVKK. In this context, in order to use your rights mentioned above, you can send your request containing the necessary information identifying your identity and your explanations regarding your right you request to use from the rights specified in Article 11 of the KVKK; By filling out the form at sejagroup.com, you can send a signed copy of the form to the https://www.dlyviptransfer.com/tr management office located at Güzelyurt Mah. Şehit komando Er Mustafa Göktürk Caddesi No 54/1 AKSU / ANTALYA in person with documents identifying your identity, through a notary public or by other methods specified in the KVKK. Depending on the nature of your request, your applications will be finalised free of charge as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest. However, if an additional cost arises, our company reserves the right to charge you a fee according to the tariff to be determined by the Personal Data Protection Board. 
This Clarification Statement was prepared on 08.04.2022. In case of any change in the text of the declaration, the effective date and content of this Disclosure Statement will be updated.