About Us

DLY VIP TRANSFER - The Name of Luxury and Safe Travel
DLY VIP is a company founded in 2012, specializing in luxury and private transportation. Our mission is to provide every customer with an unforgettable and special travel experience.
Why U.S?
DLY VIP is unique at VIP transportation services:
• Luxury Vehicles: Our fleet consists of luxury and latest model vehicles. We offer you the peak level of comfort and elegance.
• Professional Drivers: Our drivers are experienced, trained and reliable professionals. Your safety and comfort are our priority.
• Customized Services: We offer customized transport solutions to suit each customer's specific needs and preferences. Whether business or private travel, we offer a service to suit your needs.
Services We Offer
DLY VIP offers a wide range of services including:
• Airport Transfers: You can easily travel from start to finish with comfortable and hassle-free airport transfers.
• Special Event Transportation: We offer VIP transportation services for special events, meetings or special occasions.
• City Tours: Discover your city with our tours specially designed for city tours and sightseeing trips.
• VIP Private Business Travels: We make your job easier by offering special services for your business trips.
Contact Us
DL VIP offers an experience beyond luxury and safe transportation. Contact us on +90 542 475 30 61 or visit our website at www.dlyviptransfer.com to learn more about our travel plans and luxury vehicles.
We invite you to join the DLY VIP family. Enjoy luxury and comfort, we offer an experience beyond VIP transportation