Distance Sales Agreement

13.06.2003 dated 25137 numbered and published in the official gazette dated 13.06.2003 and numbered 25137 'regulation on the procedures and principles of implementation of distance contracts' in accordance with the obligation to make a contract for sales made over the internet. The contract details are as follows.
Address             Güzelyurt Mah. Şeh. Komando Er Mustafa Göktürk Cad. 54/1 AKSU/ ANTALYA
Tel: +90 (542) 475 30 61
BUYER: The address and contact information used by customers when requesting service from www.dlyviptransfer.com is taken as basis.
DLY TURİZM OTO KİRALAMA SANAYİ VE TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ (dlyviptransfer.com) is the airport transfer sales portal of Antalya Kurumlar V.D 302 117 6011 tax office and Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry 117916 registration number is registered. 
DLY VIP reserves the right to change any conditions and information available on the site and site extensions, including the terms of the contract, without prior notice. If you feel any lack of understanding of the terms of the contract, please contact the Customer Service Department.
WARNING : In accordance with the relevant law, please read our contract text below by printing it in 16 point and bold font. In addition, every customer who is a member of our website and makes a purchase is deemed to have read and accepted all the articles of our sales contract below without further notice!
The DLY VIP website provides maximum service in Turkish, English, German, and Russian languages, and in case of disputes and misunderstandings that may arise during this service process, the Turkish language will be taken as the basis,
The subject of this contract is to determine the procedures and principles regarding the sale of passenger transport tickets and the passenger transport service provided to the BUYER by the SELLER to the BUYER electronically through the website https://www.dlyviptransfer.com/. In this respect, the provisions of the Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers ("Law") and the Regulation on Distance Contracts dated 27.11.2014 ("Regulation") are taken as reference.
The services in question are specified in our services (https://www.dlyviptransfer.com/TR/hizmet-bolgeleri) section of the website;
Airport transfer, Hotel transfer, Hospital clinic transfer, Business travel, City tours, Car hire with driver,
It consists of conference transfer and similar services. It is possible to create a reservation instantly on the website with online payment methods.
a. DLY VIP acts as a service intermediary between the seller and the buyer and is an intermediary between the parties purchasing and providing the service to individual and group customers.
b. With this sales contract, the service purchaser is the buyer and the service provider is the seller and is deemed to have accepted the responsibilities.
c. This contract is a contract between the buyer (the user who purchases the service from the internet) and the Buyer (the company that actually provides the service) and is deemed to have been accepted by the parties. DLY VIP does not accept any responsibility for service disputes arising here.
d. The Buyer declares that he/she has read and learnt the basic qualities of the service subject to the contract, the sales price and payment method and all preliminary information about the service and that he/she has given the necessary confirmation electronically.
e. DLY VIP does not accept any responsibility for force majeure and weather and natural oppositions preventing transportation during the service, delays, accidents, injuries, diseases, hospital expenses, additional service and transport expenses, material and moral losses that may occur due to this reason,
f. If the seller cannot provide the service due to force majeure, the BUYER may use one of the rights to cancel the order regardless of the general cancellation rules or to postpone the service subject to the contract until the preventive situation disappears. In the event that the BUYER cancels the order in accordance with the specified conditions, the amount paid by the BUYER shall be paid to the account in which the payment is made within 10 days.
g. dlyviptransfer.com may share the service with business partners in order to provide this service. Under the specified conditions, it may have another company or 3rd parties, institutions or organisations that it receives services under contract.
When a booking is made, the recipient will receive a booking code (PNR). This reservation code must always be kept confidential. If the booking code given to the buyer is not kept confidential, the booking information can be accessed by others. If a group booking is made for travelling with more than one person, the same booking code will also appear on the tickets of the other persons in the group. If you do not want these people to have access to your personal booking details, you can also consider the option of making a separate reservation. Any responsibility arising from not keeping the reservation code confidential belongs to the buyer and DLY TOURISM AUTO RENTAL INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY (https://www.dlyviptransfer.com) has no responsibility for third parties accessing the reservation code.
The BUYER accepts and declares that the information he / she has provided will be correct in order for the service he / she has purchased through the address (https://www.dlyviptransfer.com) (hereinafter referred to as the website) to be realised in a healthy way.
In order for the service subject to the contract to be realised, the service payment must be made through the payment channels on the website. Service fees are calculated automatically after the selections are made.
In order to cancel the purchased service, the SELLER is responsible for the complete performance of the paid service. The SELLER has the right not to transport passengers under the influence of alcohol or drugs or endangering the safety of the driver and vehicle. Passengers who are not taken for this reason cannot claim any rights (including refund) from the company.
Cancellation of any clause in this contract cannot cancel other clauses in the contract or cause termination of the contract.
During the meeting, the company is not responsible for loading the belongings of the person purchasing the service.
a. dlyviptransfer.com sells transportation and transfer services of service providers.
b. In the event that the relevant bank or financial institution does not pay the product price to dlyviptransfer.com due to the unfair or unlawful use of the credit card belonging to the BUYER by unauthorised persons in a way not caused by the BUYER's fault after the provision of the Service with this Agreement, the BUYER agrees in advance to make a new payment to the dlyviptransfer.com account within Three (3) days, provided that the service has been delivered.
c. This DLY VIP transfer voucher must be shown to the service provider during the service purchase and the information for the return transfer must be checked, and if there are inaccuracies, this responsibility belongs entirely to the Buyer. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to specify the time of return, how long it will take, and the return meeting time.
d. We advise all our customers to read this contract carefully.
DLY VIP offers an infrastructure for maximum secure shopping with the necessary SSL security certificates for credit card payments, but does not accept responsibility for illegal transactions such as card theft, extra money withdrawals, virus and pop-up methods that may occur in credit card payments.
All changes and cancellations must be notified to the DLY VIP office by e-mail or fax. For cancellations within 24 hours before the first transfer service, the full transfer fee will be paid to the Buyer. For cancellations within 24-12 hours of the first transfer service, 50% of the service fee will be refunded. For cancellations less than 12 hours before the transfer and service period, the specified service fee is not refunded. Please contact our customer service for all changes and cancellations.
All changes must be notified by e-mail to [email protected], changes include changes made up to 12 hours before the specified service date and no extra charge is requested for changes in date, time, meeting time, pick-up time, changes made up to 12 hours before, changes made in less than 12 hours are charged extra fees according to the availability of the service provider and the feasibility of the change.
a. Since DLY VIP sells the product of the service provider, DLY VIP does not accept responsibility for product defects and is not liable.
b. DLY VIP does not accept any responsibility for lost items, extra charges, delays, accidents, injuries, missing the flight due to force majeure, meeting at late pick-up time, extra hospital expenses, accommodation expenses, extra transport expenses during the service, the buyer and the service provider and the insurances of the parties are responsible in this regard. Likewise, DLY VIP employees, managers, representatives are not directly responsible in these cases.
c. The buyer is obliged to fill in the transfer and service information themselves and the buyer is responsible for any delays and disputes arising from issues such as meeting time, meeting place, pick-up time (at least 1 hour for domestic flights and at least 2 hours for international flights), transfer and service time, pick-up place, and cannot claim extra fees, material and moral losses for these situations, all this information is filled in and followed up by the buyer who receives the service.
d. Service providers pay attention to be present at the meeting time and place, but this is never guaranteed, extra expenses, payments, extra service and transport expenses arising from this are not accepted.
e. The waiting time at the airport for the specified service is limited to a maximum of 45 minutes for domestic flights and a maximum of 60 minutes for international flights. There is a maximum waiting time of 15 minutes from the specified date and time for return or pick-up from the hotel-address, from this moment the buyer cannot claim any rights, no refund will be made.
f. It is the responsibility of the buyer to fill in the transfer information and the buyer is responsible for being late, not receiving additional service, missing the airline flight due to this specified information.
g. It is the responsibility of the buyer to fill in the transfer and service information, and it is not the responsibility of the service provider to find the hotel and address or to be late for this reason. Extra transport and service expenses that may arise for this reason are also the responsibility of the Buyer.
h. The service provider provides service in the specified vehicle category, but this is never guaranteed, for this reason, the service provider reserves the right to change the vehicle type and category.
i. For customers arriving at the service meeting point by air; it is the responsibility of the service provider to follow up on airline delays, but this is limited to 3 hours. For delays of more than 3 hours, DLY VIP should be contacted. For delays of more than 3 hours, an extra fee may be charged. If not accepted by the recipient, the service will not be provided.
j. Meeting and waiting time with the Buyer at the time and place of return and meeting (hotel-address-home) is limited to 15 minutes, the buyer who does not come during this period loses the right to service and no refund is made, in these cases, the Buyer is responsible for reasons such as customer service not being able to reach you (mobile phone).
All vehicles to be used for the specified services are the responsibility of the service provider to provide service with vehicles whose legal responsibilities and authorisations have been fulfilled.
The Seller may refuse to carry the passenger and/or passenger Baggage for security reasons or by using its discretion in the following and similar cases:
a-Passenger behaviour, age or mental or physical condition,
b-If it requires special assistance of the seller,
c-If it causes inconvenience or objections from other passengers or if it poses any risk or danger to other persons or goods,
d-If the traveller's failure to comply with the seller's instructions makes such a refusal necessary,
e-If the passenger refused the security check,
f- In case passengers are under the influence of intoxicating substances and/or narcotic substances, if they come to the boarding terminal in a state that may affect the safety and comfort of other passengers and the navigation,
Passengers refused carriage will not be refunded the ticket price by the seller and will not be compensated in any way.
a-Firearms and ammunition used for other than hunting and sporting purposes are prohibited to be carried as baggage. Firearms and ammunition for hunting and sporting purposes may be accepted as checked baggage to the extent that they comply with carrier rules. Firearms must be unsecured, without ammunition and properly packed.
b-The seller may refuse to carry any object as baggage due to its size, shape, weight and nature.
c-The seller may refuse to carry the baggage if it is not placed in bags and suitcases or other suitable containers to ensure safe transport with normal care.
d-Passengers are entitled to free baggage.
e-Passengers may collect their baggage at the destination point after all baggage has been unloaded from the vehicle.
f-Prohibited substances such as drugs are absolutely not carried. If it is detected that they are carried, the responsibility belongs entirely to the carrier.
Animals such as dogs (except dangerous dogs such as American pit bull terrier, American staffordshire terrier, bull terrier, staffordshire bull terrier, Japanese tosa, dogo argentino, doberman, rottweiler) and cats with valid vaccination and health certificates, entry permits and other documents required by Greece can be accepted for carriage, provided that they are agreed in advance with the seller.
DLY VIP reserves the right to change all provisions of this Agreement and the prices and information on the website, and may make such changes at any time, and users are deemed to have accepted such changes without further notice.
DLY VIP accepts no liability for any interruption of the transaction, error, omission, interruption, deletion, loss, delay of transaction or communication, computer virus, communication error, theft, destruction or unauthorised entry, modification or use of records as a result of breach of contract, tort, negligence or other reasons.
DLY VIP accepts that it will not use the terms in this contract in illegal illegal actions, and the user is deemed to have accepted these terms by using the website or purchasing services, in the implementation of this contract, Consumer Arbitration Committees up to the value announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Consumer Courts in the settlement of https//www.dlyviptransfer.com/ (DLY TURİZM OTO KİRALAMA SANAYİ VE TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ) are authorised.
Every customer who is a member of our website and makes a purchase is deemed to have read and accepted all the articles of our sales contract below, which has been issued by us, in the position of the Buyer without the need for any other notice!
This information is originally in Turkish and is governed by Turkish law. Any misunderstanding or change of meaning resulting from translation into other languages will not be taken into account.
Only the original text in the official language remains the correct data