Yalan Dünya Cave is located in Beyrebucak Village of Gazipaşa District of Antalya. Located 400 metres inside a mountain in the village, the cave fascinates those who see it with its 5 million years of history.

There is a sad story of the cave being called the Lying World Cave.  According to the legend, a man living in the cave and a girl from the neighbouring villages fall in love with each other. The lovers start to spend most of their time in the cave. One day, when they were alone in the cave, an earthquake struck and the cave collapsed, separating the lovers. Thus, their love and their lives became a lie. In the memory of the lovers, the cave where they could not meet became known as the Lying World Cave.

After 2010, the most important feature of the cave, which has become more known and increased the tourism potential of Gazipaşa with the maintenance and works carried out after 2010, is that it is still a living cave. In the cave, whose life cycle continues, new formations as well as huge stalactites and stalagmites millions of years old stand out.

With its 4 km. length, Yalan Dünya Cave is one of the deepest caves in the region and only 450 metres of the cave can be visited at the moment. The average temperature of the cave is twenty-eight degrees in summer and winter. It is believed that the cave with a humidity of seventy-five per cent is good for asthma.

The inside of the cave, which can be visited with a walk of about half an hour, resembles a fantastic film set with special lighting. Inside, you can connect to the chambers while travelling through the tunnels formed over time. During the tour, it is recommended to walk at a slow pace in order not to get overwhelmed and sweat.

The cave, which fascinates its visitors with its mysterious and creepy atmosphere, is among the natural beauties that holidaymakers in the region should definitely include in their travel plans.