Termessos is an ancient Pisidian city located in the region of Antalya province in present-day Turkey. The city is famous for its strong natural defences, which made it an important settlement during the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Termessos is spread over a large area of 36.6 km² and is located at the foot of Mount Güllük, whose summit reaches 1,665 metres.

The important features of Termessos are as follows:

    Natural Defence: Termessos is famous for its steep slopes and naturally defended position. This feature helped the city to be resistant to invasions. Historical figures such as Alexander the Great found it difficult to conquer Termessos.

    Ancient Theatre The ancient theatre in the city is carved into the mountainside and has a tremendous view. This theatre is often considered one of the most impressive ruins of Termessos.

    Agora: The agora area of Termessos was the centre of trade and social activities in ancient times. There are temples, stoa (colonnaded gallery), streets and other structures here.

    Necropolis: The necropolis area in Termessos contains many tombs used in antiquity. These tombs were usually made with rock carving techniques.

    City Walls and Gates: The city had solid city walls and defence gates surrounding it.

Termessos serves as an important archaeological site and tourist attraction for visitors. The ruins of the ancient city attract visitors with its natural beauties and historical atmosphere.