The Temple of Apollo in Side is one of the most important and famous buildings of the ancient city of Side. Side, in southern Turkey, is an ancient city in Antalya province. The Temple of Apollo is considered one of the symbols of Side and dates back to the ancient Roman period.

The main features of the Temple of Apollo are as follows:

    Size and Architecture: The Temple of Apollo is a very large temple. It attracts attention with its giant columns arranged in two rows and its large courtyard. The temple was built in accordance with the architectural style of its period.

    Cult of Apollo The temple was dedicated to Apollo in ancient times. Apollo is known as the god of sun, music, poetry and art in ancient Greek and Roman mythologies. The Temple of Apollo symbolises the respect and worship of this god.

    Sea View: The temple is located on the coastline of Side and dominates the sea as it was a port city that was the centre of maritime and trade in ancient times. Beautiful sea views can still be seen from the temple today.

    Restoration and Protection: Although the Temple of Apollo has been damaged by various earthquakes and natural disasters over time, it is an important ancient monument that survives today thanks to the restoration work carried out. The temple is open to visitors.

Ancient Side is generally known for its historical and archaeological riches, but the Temple of Apollo is one of the most striking and well-known structures of the city. Tourists visiting Side can visit this ancient temple to explore and experience its historical atmosphere.