Sazak Bay, which fascinates its guests with its natural beauties and silence, is located between Olympos and Adrasan in the western part of Beydağları Coastal National Park. The bay, which rests its back against Musa Mountain, is also called 'Honeymoon Bay' due to its blue cruise captains, marvellous atmosphere and romantic appearance.

The wide sandy beach of the bay, covered with steep cliffs on both sides, leads into the forest covered with greenery. The bay, which is usually the first stopover of tour boats departing from Adrasan, can also be reached by road. However, due to the fact that the road is so narrow and dirt that almost only one vehicle can pass, sea transport is mostly preferred.

The bay, which attracts attention with its desolation, calm sea and beautiful beach, arouses admiration at first glance with its unique and untouched nature. You can see sea turtles and various kinds of fish while swimming with pleasure in the deep, deep blue and aquarium clear sea of the bay. The bay, which has a rich underwater world, has features that will meet all the expectations of diving enthusiasts.

Sazak Bay, where there is no electricity and telephone signal, also offers the opportunity to camp in a peaceful atmosphere for those who want to get away from the chaos, noise and crowds of the city, relax in a quiet and calm environment and spend time in nature.

Sazak Bay, where you will be alone with an exquisite nature where green and blue embrace during the day and with the stars at night, is waiting for its visitors as one of the hidden beauties of the Mediterranean.