Saklıkent is a ski centre consisting of 500 chalets and ski facilities on the Bey Mountains west of Antalya in the Mediterranean Region. The facility is located on the northern slope of Bakırlı Mountain in Beydağları. It is 50 km away from Antalya city centre. Due to this location, it is one of the rare places where two seasons can be experienced in one day. It is snowy between December and April and is therefore suitable for skiing. It has a mild climate.

There are 3 different lifts (the vehicle used to climb to the top of the mountain, chairlift) and 4 different ski slopes. Karakaya Ski Lift, Saklıbel Ski Lift and Babylift are the lifts in this facility; Red, Black, Yellow and Blue pistes are the pistes in this facility.

Karakaya Chairlift is the lift with the highest capacity in the facility and takes 800 people to the top of the mountain per hour. It is a lift mostly used by professional skiers, it is also used by visitors who want to go up to the cafe in the facility and watch the view. It provides access to the red and black pistes.

Saklıbel Teleski is the lift used mostly by intermediate skiers. It transports an average of 200 people per hour to the beginning of the Blue piste.

Babylift is mostly used by inexperienced people who are new to this sport. It was established in 2015 and has a capacity of 100 people per hour. It offers access to the Yellow runway.

The red runway is 4000 metres long and has hard bends and steep slopes. The black runway is 1500 metres, has no curves but goes straight down from the top of the mountain. The blue track is 1500 metres long and has gentle curves. It is used before moving on to the professional pistes. The yellow piste is 300 metres long and is for training with instructors.

There is also a toboggan run.