Altınbeşik Cave National Park

Altınbeşik Cave National Park

Declared as a national park in 1994, Altınbeşik Cave National Park is 167 km. away from Antalya city centre. It is located approximately 5 km. southeast of Ürünlü Village, which is 9.7 km. away from Ibradı district.

Altınbeşik Cave, which is a horizontal and partially active cave developed within the karstic structure forming the resource value of the national park, is the first largest underwater lake cave in Turkey and the third largest in Europe. Altınbeşik Cave takes its name from the Altınbeşik Hill located on the upper part.

Altınbeşik Cave starts with a lake with a length of approximately 125 metres from the mouth and a depth of 15 metres at times. In the middle of the lake, there is a bridge made of natural rocks and in the last part, there is a travertine formation with an extraordinary appearance about forty-four metres high. The length of the cave, which discharges its waters into the Manavgat Stream, reaches approximately 2500 metres with its inner branches. The cave, which attracts attention with its dripstone formations and crevices, offers an interesting and interesting visuality with its mysterious stalactites and stalagmites.

Altınbeşik Cave, which is suitable for entrances in summer and autumn seasons, is closed to visitors in winter and spring seasons due to natural reasons as it is filled with water.

Altınbeşik Cave National Park, which has İbradı to the north, Ormana to the northwest, Ürünlü to the southwest and Menteşbey to the southeast, is dominated by Mediterranean maquis vegetation. In the park, which offers a great richness in terms of plant species, species such as cedar, juniper, red pine, akkesme, plane tree, kermes oak are found. The national park, which is home to many flower species, also has a wide range in terms of wildlife diversity. Mammal species such as wild boar, fox, rabbit, wild goat, bat and birds such as steppe, partridge, thrush live in the national park.

In Altınbeşik Cave National Park, where peaceful and pleasant hours can be spent alone with nature, nature walks and plant introduction trips are made on the pathways offering unique views.